Fraud and Identity Protection

Take Steps Today to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft Tomorrow

Help prevent identity theft by learning more about identity theft prevention, and by enrolling in an identity theft protection service. 

Watch our video to learn more about identity theft and how you can prevent it. 

Review the following to help protect your personal information while using the internet

  • Review credit card and bank statements to ensure your purchases are accurate
  • If you are not certain of an email, contact the sender using a phone number or other contact information you are familiar with
  • Be cautious of emails asking you to click on links and enter personal or financial information
  • Always be cautious about attachments or downloading files from emails, regardless of who sent them
  • If you are uncertain of an email you receive, enter the URL you normally use in your browser or a favorite page you may have saved
  • Be sure you are using a secure site when making transactions; URLs for secure sites typically begin with “http” instead of “http”
  • Use anti-virus software and keep it up to date
  • It is recommended that commercial online banking customers perform a related risk assessment and controls evaluation periodically

Additional Resources

Annual Credit Report

You are allowed one free credit report every 12 months from each of the nationwide consumer credit reporting companies: Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. You may request this report via their website, phone or mail. See details on the Annual Credit Report website.


Find advice on how to avoid phishing scams, how to report phishing, and what to do if you have given out your personal financial information. See details on the Anti-Phishing website.

Identity Theft

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website has information for consumers and businesses on how to detect and defend against identity theft, as well as avoiding and reporting scams.


The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) website has sections on e-scams, warnings, reporting internet crime, common schemes, and other tips and suggestions. 


See more prevention tips and alerts on the Fraud website. See more on How To Spot, Avoid, and Report Fake Check Scams.


Learn about deposit account insurance coverage on the FDIC website.

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